I wish I was a web developer sometimes….

….especially when I’m feeling masochistic. But, really, there are times when I wish that I could, or was motivated enough to learn, web and serverside development…

I want project-integrated groupware in Fedora. Badly.

Imagine Poelcat not having to send out reminders every month about what is upcoming in each Fedora subproject because it’s automatically added to a groupware calendar that’s exported to all the users in that FAS group automatically.

Or the ability to not forget that damn FAmNA or Marketing meeting all the time, even though meeting reminders go out >.< because it’s automatically added to my groupware calendar with a reminder enabled in KOrganizer.

Or a shared addressbook with details pulled from FAS in it…

Task list pulled from a subproject’s Fedorahosted Trac instance….

etc etc…

I dunno if this is possible… The vast majority of it would probably be possible with some Zarafa plugins, but I’m not qualified or capable to write those, or even know how feasible they are… Maybe an FSC project for the next session?

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~ by Ryan Rix on 29 July 2010.

2 Responses to “I wish I was a web developer sometimes….”

  1. I tried to get the same thing going when I joined, but it’s just hard to find software with exactly the right features. Basically we need an F/OSS calendaring system with a nice web interface and CalDAV support (for KDE / GNOME integration) which isn’t written in some godawful form of Java or something. I think Zarafa was meant to be it, but I have trouble getting my head around how to DO anything in Zarafa. I’d have preferred eGroupware, really. That seems to work well in my personal test install.

    (RH has something internal for this, but it uses Zimbra, which is apparently a hideous nightmare on wheels to configure and maintain).

  2. There is this thing called Kolab Server. And even a client called Kontact. And a web interface called Horde. And best of all, it is commercially developed by various companies (including KDAB and Intevation) and commercially supported (by KolabSys).

    Anyway, with a kolab server you get a full groupware stack—shared calendar, addressbook, email folders even. All F/OSS.

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