aseigo is forcing me to blag

yes, forcing, I’m such an abused little critter, it’s so bad, I’ll need counseling. 😦

Over the last few weeks I have been putting the finishing touches on the plasma KPart plugin… It looks pretty good now, but still lacks a bit of the bits to really make it shine, including an API to allow applications to interact with the Plasma APIs on a more intimate level, rather than just "load widget foo, and I’ll get out of the way".

The current state of our Plasma dashboard is looking pretty good. And, what’s that? A special dates plugin! Thanks to the really awesome Akonadi and Calendar plugins (I owe fregl massive amounts of cookies/hugs for the calendar dataengine improvements!) it was mostly simple for me to write that widget. As you can tell, it still needs some layout lovin’, and the code is kinda nasty in some places, but it’s a great start.

That’s where I am this week 🙂

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~ by Ryan Rix on 12 June 2010.

9 Responses to “aseigo is forcing me to blag”

  1. […] link: Ryan Rix: aseigo is forcing me to blag api, calendar, code, current-state, massive-amounts, more-intimate, special-dates, the-calendar, […]

  2. Ryan, that looks absolutely astonishing… can’t wait to see it in action in my kontact.

  3. Wow!!
    It’s Great
    when we could have this on our kontact?

    • My personal goal is that even if it’s not 100% done at the end of summer, to have it merged into KDE’s main repos by 4.6

  4. Great work. One question though: Will the final version of the Plasma KPart match the app’s color scheme?
    On your screenshot it looks out of place.

    • Yes, that was actually next on my todo list, to provide a Plasma theme which forces plasma to use native Qt styling (Thankfully, this is already provided in Plasma’s theming engine)

  5. kudos to you and aseigo for forcing you to blog

  6. I have doupts how well the plasma integration to Kontact actually works. I do not like to use Kontact in fullscreen. Only in netbook I have contact in fullscreen because of limited size. But even in 1280×800 resolution screen, the window is same size as on netbook. The plasma dashboard seems to be forcing users to change their way to use Kontact what is not good at all. Do I have reasonable doupts?

    • One of the nice things about Plasma, and the newspaper containment in particular, is that you don’t lose any functionality over the existing old summary page. You can still lay out the widgets however you please, in one or more columns. I have only shown fullscreen, two column layouts because that is what I use 😉 Plasma makes all of that really easy to fix though 🙂

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