Announcing the Fedora 12 Newbie Remix

The Fedora Unity community is proud to announce a new release of the Fedora Newbie Remix. The Fedora Newbie Remix, codenamed "Longhorn", caters to new users of our operating system, giving them the tools they need to do their every day business.

The Fedora Newbie remix contains the latest in Security software, firewalls and anti-malware. We have rewritten most of the system-config utilities to cater to newer users of our operating system. This simple two panel layout caters to new users in that it is incredibly easy to use:

Not only does the remix ship enhanced security tools, after deliberation with Microsoft, the MPEG-LA, Adobe and other licensees, we can now ship (enabled by default) various proprietary codecs and applications. Never again will new users complain about the lack of such codecs installed by default, increasing Fedora’s market share and mindshare.

By default, we ship a wide range of applications that the day to day user will be most likely to use. We’ve rebranded many of them to be easier to approach for new users, with new names, redesigned UI and simpler use cases.

  • Pidgin Instant Messenger with a custom set of plugins to behave more like Windows Live
  • rebranded to be more like Microsoft Office, including a new feature in 3.2: An experimental ribbon interface!
  • Mozilla Firefox with a custom theme and addon set to be more like Internet Explorer than ever before, including the Sothink Download Manager
  • Ekiga SIP rebranded to be more like the Skype VoIP application
  • Okular document reader rebranded as Adobe Reader
  • VirtualBox is installed by default, and includes a Microsoft Windows 7 license when users purchase a Fedora Unity 7 license.
  • MickAfee virus scanner
  • Spy Bot Search and Destroy
  • The inclusion of GIMP by default, rebranded and with custom PhotoShop-like brushes

Thanks to our vibrant community for support in getting this release out the door; this was your idea and could only happen with your support. The Fedora Unity community is proud to announce this release, available for download now! We had a lot of fun plowing through this release, and hope that everyone enjoys the effort we’ve put into it.

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~ by Ryan Rix on 1 April 2010.

9 Responses to “Announcing the Fedora 12 Newbie Remix”

  1. Good joke! πŸ˜€ If I wouldn’t know it’s the first of April it will look like some nightmare πŸ™‚

  2. I want it! where can i get his piece of magic ? LOL

  3. Man, this is just what I was looking for to get back into Fedora! Hopefully this install won’t die on me! Thanks!! esr

  4. The latter part was a clear April’s Fools… but the first part can really be made. And the second one (free codecs) almost too (Omega anyone?) I don’t want the third part πŸ˜‰

  5. Actually the people work on a ribbon interface which was expected sometime during this year (dunno how the plans were affected/delayed by the Oracle purchase). And GIMP *can* use Photoshop brushes (feature introduced 1 or 2 releases ago).

    • Yeah, I know about GIMP photoshop brushes, probably bad wording as I was in a hurry… πŸ™‚

      As for the ribbon, jeez, talk about following the herd 😦

      • OOo: It’s not as bad as it lets on. The redesign is mostly for Impress, maybe one of the FEW places where I find that Ribbons (or anything similar to it) really works well. That said, there was time to say something with Project Renaissance… that time has clearly passed.

  6. Jokes aside I would actually like non-free codecs to come installed but disabled or something, and about pidgin being more like WLM not in appearance, but there are some features which lot of people I know need in linux msn programs that don’t exist or are too difficult to install.

    • Well, legally, as a company based in the US and actually cares about getting sued, Red Hat (and thus Fedora) can’t ship these codecs, period…

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