The Fedora Marketing Plan Draft

Today’s Fedora Activity Day helped the Marketing team to nail down a Marketing Plan for Fedora 13 and beyond. What happened was that a lot of whiteboarding occured, and a lot of discussion, and a lot of battling with Fedora Talk.

It’s 1:30 am (when considering Daylight Savings Time; grah, rage) and I don’t have much detail to go into it at the moment, but it will be on the wiki tomorrow when I’m conscious enough to properly do my homework.

1) Educate:

Inform the voluntary switchers easy to find answers to questions highlight spins that show unique use cases, etc.

2) Build bridges:

Support, give developers user feedback, give questions from users to developers, build positive developer feedback, etc

3) spread the brand:

4F's! Sucecess stories, examples of each, Ambassadors, Communicate to focused audiences: design schools, CS depts, downstream conferences (PyCon, etc); social networking, etc

4) Build on-ramps:

Fedora-tour, easyfix, eng services queue, how to file a bug wiki page, etc

Feel free to leave any comments and questions, I will answer them in the morning, and hash this out in more detail! 🙂

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~ by Ryan Rix on 14 March 2010.

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