Camp KDE day 3

Today was a very interesting day at Camp KDE. After rolling out of bed about ten minutes too late to ride with "the group," I caught a ride with Jeff, who is also a LOST fan (epic win is epic) and headed in for the final day of official talk-iness.

After listening to some really cool talks, including a really great one put on by Will Stephenson regarding OpenSuSE’s build service, I tried to head home. Unfortunately it was raining cats, dogs, and pigs. So I hitched a ride home. yay for parents in town!!

Back at the hostel, we rounded up Chani, Frank and Jos and headed out to find something to eat, and listened to them recount the stories of hostel floods, lost power and general chaos that we had missed that day. And OH TEH NOES no internet!! Aaron met us on the way, and we wandered around for about an hour before settling at Liberty pizza and enjoying some nice pizza, which Aaron insisted on paying for. He is a lovely person as a result. After that we went to Ralphs for food and drinks, and materials for Raegean(sorry, I couldn’t see the spelling in the dark) aka Troy, and I to cook pancakes and bacon for the campers tomorrow. See there is a major benefit to staying at the hostel!!

Anyways, yes, after that we watched The Big Lebowski, again, and in general hung out. And celebrated my birthday 😀 And hit on Troy. And hit on Frank. Maybe Ian too. I think I tried hitting on Chani too, mostly because she felt left out. 😉

And now my battery is almost dead and I cannot find an outlet, so I bid you, planet and facebook and other planet a farewell and good night from Camp KDE 2010.

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~ by Ryan Rix on 20 January 2010.

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