Camp KDE Day 1 (seriously, it is this time!)

So, the real day one was today (stupid me labelled yesterday’s post as day 1… wtf?) and I surprisingly made it up at 8 am, with plenty of time to get ready for the Camp. No stop off at Kona Cafe, but that’ll be a goal by the end of the weekend.

So after drinking coffee, which I added way too much sugar to, we got into a bunch of cars and went on down the UCSD, where, after opening remarks from Jeff, we jumped into some awesome talks by Phillip Bourne, Helio and Will, Celeste, Alaxandra and Till, Justin, Jos and Artur. It was really an exciting day. 🙂

Now most of us are sitting around the table at Banana Bungalow, trading stories, ogling at Chani’s EPIC sticker collection, and battling with wireless. Tomorrow should provide some more technical talks. from Frank, Chani and others. Woot!

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~ by Ryan Rix on 17 January 2010.

3 Responses to “Camp KDE Day 1 (seriously, it is this time!)”

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