BarryManilowism 1 (on the new blag)

06:45 -> IXIS picks up the rather small BarryManilow
06:49 ( winstonw) IXIS, lol no i forgot who it belogns to
06:51 ( neptunepink) It’s PhrkOnLsh’s
07:26 ( PhrkOnLsh) UR MATHER
07:26 ( PhrkOnLsh) neptunepink: I SUMMON THEE TO A DUEL!
07:28 (neptunepink:PhrkOnLsh: Summon me then)
07:28 ( PhrkOnLsh) I SUMMONED THEE
07:28 ( neptunepink) No you haven’t. Cast a summoning spell!
07:28 -> PhrkOnLsh wields his level 100 cock of the infinite and advances toward the neptunepink
07:28 ( neptunepink)😀
07:28 ( BarryManilow) i’d refuse
07:28 ( PhrkOnLsh) BarryManilow: THERE IS NO REFUSING

~ by Ryan Rix on 9 August 2009.

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