IRC QOTD: Shamwow rage

[17:02:26] <PhrkOnLsh> SHAMWOW COMMERICAL D:<<<<<<<<<<<
[17:02:40] <Yue> Why?
[17:02:44] <Nightingale> XD
[17:02:49] <Nightingale> Serious
[17:02:52] <Yue> I think Vince Offer is a pretty cool guy :<
[17:02:57] <Yue> eh kills Billy Mays and doesn’t afraid of anything
[17:02:59] <PhrkOnLsh> Yue: He killed Billy Mays, and he was nothing but a cheap Mays immitation.
[17:03:10] <Nightingale> Exactly xd
[17:03:11] <PhrkOnLsh> They couldn’t even get his eyes right, that’s why he has a lazy one.
[17:03:11] <Nightingale> xD*
[17:03:20] <Nightingale> xD
[17:03:25] <Nightingale> lool
[17:03:38] <PhrkOnLsh> and all of the shit he sold were imitations of Mays products.
[17:03:43] <PhrkOnLsh> SHAMWOW? ZORBEEZ
[17:03:53] <PhrkOnLsh> That stupid food processor? THAT OTHER STUPID FOOD PROCESSOR
[17:03:54] <Yue> Shamwow actually worked better than zorbeez.
[17:03:58] <Yue> They did a test.
[17:03:59] <PhrkOnLsh> That hooker? Billy Mays’ wife.


~ by Ryan Rix on 13 July 2009.

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